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Porto Charities
Inclusion Awards

The 1st event in the Diocese of Arlington dedicated to recognize advocates for children and young adults with disabilities

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Help us reach our goal of $150,000 to support Inclusive Catholic Education and Employment for our children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our Diocese.

Stay Tuned! More information coming soon.

About the Inclusion Awards

Porto’s belief is that ALL of God’s children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential through inclusive Catholic education and meaningful work commensurate with their capabilities. More and more families residing in the Diocese of Arlington are looking for this same opportunity for their children; but there are not enough resources available for all Catholic schools and parishes to start, or sustain, a program that addresses this need.


That is why Porto Charities’ work is so vital to our communities; we are here to help supplement, support and provide resources so our schools and parishes can be the welcoming environments our faith shows us they can be.


We are forever grateful for the generosity of our donors and pledge to make every effort to be good stewards of their investment in our mission. With your help, we will continue to do God’s work and meet the needs of our families, friends, and neighbors. We humbly ask you to join our efforts in reaching the 2023 Porto Charities 1st Annual Inclusion Award’s goal of $150,000.

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