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Special Kids/Special Needs

A 'second collection' program supported by parishes in the Diocese of Arlington

About 2nd Collections to benefit Porto Charities

Every year, between 40-50 parishes from our Diocese volunteer to hold a second collection at one of their Sunday masses to benefit Porto Charities' Special Kids/Special Needs campaign. This second collection effort is fully endorsed and encouraged by Bishop Burbidge. 

Porto Charities' second collection campaign has tangible and meaningful impact: 100% of ALL donations become grants awarded to Catholic schools right here in our Diocese so that they may start new programs to welcome students with disabilities, or expand their current services for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

If your parish has not signed on yet, please consider joining our efforts to support our local schools and families that need assistance through our program. Keep in mind that even if your parish does not have a school of its own, your parishioners with children are probably attending another parish school nearby and benefit from the support Porto Charities is providing.

How to hold a 2nd collection for the
Special Kids/Special Needs Campaign

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An important part of the Bishop's Strategic Plan is to further develop this ministry so that all schools within the diocese may be able to offer special education programs to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
We hope to reach 100% participation from the parishes in the Diocese of Arlington. With your help, we can make it happen.
Contact us at to get started.
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