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Embracing all Abilities

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Our Work

We provide grants to Diocesan pre-schools, elementary and secondary schools who embrace the practice of inclusive Catholic education and meaningful employment for all.

Through outreach programs, webinars, events, and conferences we support parents, educators, and administrators whose lives are transformed daily living and working with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our communities.

We advocate for, and facilitate, meaningful employment opportunities for young adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities within our local parishes, schools and the Chancery. We also provide training and support for employers who wish to offer them potential genuine employment.

Because Inclusion is more than just support programs and financial grants, we also hold social events to foster a sense of belonging and truly embrace that each one of us is special in God's eyes and our differences are what brings value to our lives. 

Ways to Get Involved

Consider joining our motivated team by volunteering for one of our many committees and help us continue making a meaningful impact on the lives of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our Diocese.

Sign up to become our liaison between Porto Charities and your local parish or parochial school. You will be the information link between Porto and your community; training and support will be provided.

Porto Charities hosts a variety of fundraising, friendraising, and educational events throughout the year. Find one that meets your needs; interact with and enjoy other families like you. Embrace the belonging!

There is still much work to be done; and none of it can be accomplished without the generous support of our donors. Please consider making an annual gift to Porto Charities - no donation, large or small, is insignificant.

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Upcoming Events

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