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Grants For Schools

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The Value of Catholic Inclusive Education

Porto Charities is dedicated to increasing the educational resources available to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. Through our Grant Making program, we provide financial support to Diocesan pre-schools, elementary and secondary schools that embrace the practice of inclusive Catholic education and meaningful employment for all.

Our Grants in Action

Porto Grants help provide assistance for salaries of para educators​, special education teachers, professional development on inclusive education and learning materials, technology and equipment for inclusion programs at our diocesan schools.

Grant Beneficiaries

In 2024 we awarded grants to 15 Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Arlington. You may click on the school's logo to be redirected to the special services that Porto's Grants have supported at each school.

High Schools

Elementary and Middle Schools

Testimonials from schools and families impacted by our grants

If you wish to find out more about what school in the Diocese of Arlington best fits your child's needs, please contact:

Diane Elliott
Assistant Superintendent, Office of Catholic Schools
Catholic Diocese of Arlington
200 North Glebe Road, Suite 503
Arlington, VA 22203

Interested in applying for our grants?

Help us realize our dream of a Catholic Education for children of ALL abilities.

Your donation will help more children with intellectual and developmental disabilities attend Catholic Schools in our Diocese of Arlington.

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