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PortoPartner Events


PortoPartner Events

At Porto Charities, we know growing inclusion in education and employment means growing inclusive communities. PortoPartner events give everyone a chance to participate in inclusive experiences and service projects, regardless of ability.  We partner with CYOs, Scouting Troops and Youth/young adult groups from parishes in the Arlington Diocese. These events provide a welcoming space for children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families where all can build relationships and strengthen bonds within the community. 


So far our PortoPartner events have included a Valentine's day craft party, a letter-writing service project for homebound parishioners, a basketball skills workshop and a family picnic. These events are unique and tailor-made for each community because the ideas come from YOU. What kind of event best suits your group/parish community? Porto will help support the event financially (with a modest stipend) and promote it in our newsletter and social media. 

Check out this article by the Catholic Herald about our 1st Porto Partner Event.


Some ideas for your PortoPartner events:

Sport Hangouts

Local Excursions

Easter Egg Hunts

Valentine Crafts


St. Patrick's Feast Potlucks

Spring and Fall Picnics

All Saints/Halloween Trunk-or-Treats

Special Feast Celebrations


Are you Ready to Co-Host a PortoPartner Event?

Please submit your request:

Questions? Email Tina at

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