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Who we are

It is Porto Charities’ belief that ALL of God’s children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential through inclusive education and meaningful work commensurate with their capabilities.

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Porto Charities increases the educational and employment opportunities available to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through grants and advocacy programs supporting the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, VA.

Our Mission


Porto Charities believes that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve to reach their full potential by receiving an enriching Catholic education and securing meaningful employment. 

We are God’s beloved children. This reality is at the heart of the work of Porto Charities. We reaffirm the dignity that belongs to all persons as children of God. We extend compassion and assistance to those who need us the most, including our brothers and sisters with physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities. We seek to provide education and employment for all. In other words, in carrying out its mission, Porto Charities proclaims that all of God’s children without exception are to be loved, treasured, and embraced.

Bishop Michael Burbidge

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Our Impact

Since our inception, Porto Charities has provided grants of more than $1,200,000 to more than 35% of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington and the Office of Catholic Schools.

These grants have led to the creation and expansion of special needs programs in all four Catholic high schools and more than fifteen elementary schools.

In addition, we have been blessed to have been able to advocate and help 20 of our young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities find real and meaningful employment in schools and parishes within the Diocese through our unique employment initiative called PortoWorks.

"My son not only is growing intellectually and academically, but he's growing spirtually and emotionally as well. He is being included in a Parish community that he has wanted so much to have full participation in. If you would like to see this more prevalent within our parishes, please support Porto Charities"

Parent, All Saints Catholic School

2023 Financial Report

Audited Financial Statements for the year ended December 31st, 2022

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