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Bishop Burbidge celebrates people with disabilities, their family and caregivers at a special Mass

The Catholic Herald

Oct 8, 2023

Bishop Burbidge also serves as chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities and episcopal moderator of the National Catholic Partnership on Disability.

“At this Mass, we offer thanks to God for you and your faithful witness, perseverance, and daily example,” he said in his homily. “With you, dear friends, we also express profound gratitude to your parents, siblings, loved ones, teachers, and all those entrusted with your medical care and physical therapy.”

Bishop Burbidge also reflected on St. Paul’s admonition in the day’s second reading not to worry about anything. “How is it possible to have no anxiety when we are witnessing war, violence, and division throughout our world?” he said before noting that St. Paul provides the answer: devotion to prayer, making all petitions and requests known to God. “Did you ever notice when life is most stressful?” Bishop Burbidge said. “It is when we decide to do things according to my way, my desires, my needs. So, instead, renew your promise today to say ‘yes’ to the ways of the Lord, so to know the peace for which you long.”

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