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Groups host disability inclusive Valentine celebrations

The Catholic Herald

Feb 15, 2023

More than 50 people gathered in Fredericksburg Feb. 10 and 40-plus met in Falls Church Feb. 11. Guests enjoyed treats, made crafts and wrote letters to homebound parishioners. AHG Troop VA 0128 of Fredericksburg and troop VA 0681 in Falls Church decorated the venues, prepared treats and provided craft materials, while Porto Charities handled advance publicity and provided additional crafts. The goal of the events was to gather together for fellowship and fun.

“It was important for the girls to know that this event was about being with people with disabilities and not about doing something for them,” said Troop 0681 leader Colleen Sullivan.

At the lively parties, kids giggled and laughed between bites of heart-shaped cookies. Parents made new friends and an impromptu game of balloon toss proved irresistible to all.

“It is obvious that people are craving the opportunity to get together,” said Johanna Merino of Fredericksburg. 

Porto Charities hopes the collaboration with the American Heritage Girls will continue.

“Events like this are really important for our advocacy,” said Carmen Chiappetta, outreach coordinator for Porto Charities. “They give people a chance to see how simple gestures can go a long way to promoting true belonging for all in the community, regardless of ability. We hope these events spark curiosity about disability inclusion in schools and the workplace.”

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